«Fast Launcher» (музейный экспонат)


Программа «Fast Launcher» предназначена для быстрого запуска других программ. Изначально программа появилась как альтернатива меню Пуск, которое меня никогда не устраивало.

Все нужные ярлыки программ, сайтов и файлов можно сгруппировать по вкладкам-категориям: интернет, офис, игры и т.д. Вызвать Fast Launcher можно нажатием горячей клавиши, окно с ярлыками при этом появится в центре экрана или рядом с курсором мышки.

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Скачать программу: flsetup.exe

История версий

Версия от 20.11.2007 (3.5)

Более ранние обновления

Версия от 19.07.2007 (3.4)

  • Now you can edit or delete item via context menu in main window
  • Default NoFile.ico used if no file is entered, (you should now specify fully qualified path to the file i.e. C:\Windows\explorer.exe instead of simply explorer.exe)
  • Use item title '-' (without quotes) to add divider
  • Ctrl+Shift+S accesses save dialog
  • New language files
  • Tray Menu follows the order of Group tabs and Items
  • It was impossible to move first item in the list down
  • Field Working directory and Icon were not automatically set after selecting new file
  • Categories titles in Preferences cannot be changed anymore
  • Last save destination is remembered independently of icon folder
  • English language file updated

Версия от неизвестно (3.3.1)

  • Additional debug data added to program, it will show more information in crash reports and will let us fix problems faster

Версия от 12.09.2006 (3.3)

  • Icons cache now saves to disk, so program will load much quicker (as no checking all files with icons by antiviral programs)
  • Backup and restore settings - see Options menu
  • Group icons can be switched off (don't forget to switch on group titles in this case!)
  • It is possible now to add divider between buttons - use sign "minus" ("-" without quotes) as title
  • Option to show hot-key in button's hint
  • Tutorial is now shown everytime you Fast Launcher starts. Can be switched off
  • Preferences dialog were redesigned
  • Last group can be opened at startup
  • Fixed (we hope) problem with popping main window in front of dialogs
  • Fixed bug with replacing double slashed (// or \\) with single slashes (/ or \)

Версия от 22.03.2006 (3.2)

  • Multilingual interface (English and Russian only for now)
  • Windows 95 is no longer supported, sorry
  • It is now possible to change font
  • Some kind of small tutorial in context menu
  • Hot key F8 for toggling Auto-hide option
  • No more quote characters when selecting file
  • No more short DOS names after Drag'n'Drop

Версия от 14.11.2002 (3.11)

  • Version 3.1 didn't work on Windows 9x

Версия от неизвестно (3.1)

  • Hot-key was shown wrong in Item Properties window
  • Launcher position on exit stores incorrectly sometimes
  • Press digit key ('1'...'9') to launch corresponding program in current group
  • You can use command-line parameter -READONLY to disable any changes, i.e. menus and hot-keys for adding, editing, deleting items and groups and Preferences dialog will be disabled
  • Command-line parameter -USEDIR allows you to use custom folder for launcher's data (options and shortcuts). Use it like this: fl.exe -usedirC:\Data\FastLauncher
  • Main window is now top-most: it will appear above even other top-most windows
  • Fixed problem with launching sites ('://' were replaced with ':/')
  • Now all users of computer can use Fast Launcher
  • Now you can activate Fast Launcher by using one click on tray icon (optionally)

Версия от неизвестно (3.0)

  • Program was completely re-written. It became much faster now
  • No more background pictures feature available, sorry
  • You can now run several programs at once by using bundles
  • Icons and groups can be hidden (use Show this... property)
  • Drag & Drop file in main window to add it in current group. Program also accept shortcuts, their infos will be extracted if it is possible
  • You can also use Ins key into main window to add programs
  • Hot keys can be associated with programs for quick launch
  • New design of installer window
  • Files are now stored in your personal folders (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\DvaSoft\FastLauncher\)
  • Mouse wheel support added for switching tabs without mouse movements
  • Launcher can be activated by using middle mouse button

Версия от неизвестно (2.2)

  • Fast Launcher is now FREEWARE!
  • Help file updated
  • Icons with shadows and alpha-channel is now supported
  • Some problems with Add/Remove dialog fixed

Версия от неизвестно (2.1)

  • Each user of computer can have his/her own icons set
  • Normal bottom edge of button in Lite state
  • Program runs in Lite state properly now
  • Icon was from old program when add program after editing another program
  • Main window sometimes was above dialogs

Версия от неизвестно (2.0)

  • Data now stored in XML format, you can edit it manually
  • Launcher can be hidden when you switch to another application. Hold Ctrl key to avoid hidding.
  • You can now launch programs right from tray
  • Launcher width can be changed
  • Program' Move down now checks bounds
  • Background pictures in main window

Версия от неизвестно (1.0c)

  • There are no more limitations in unregistered version except trial
  • Bug with opacity fixed
  • You can now drag&drop programs into another group
  • Help now works properly
  • Visual bugs fixed (in WinXP)
  • New installer without flicks

Версия от неизвестно (1.0a)

  • Icon has changed!
  • No more QuickTour window
  • You can now Drag&Drop program to another group
  • Help buttons in almost every dialog
  • Add/Remove dialog now more simply to use
  • Toolbar opacity option is available in Windows 2000/XP only now
  • Visual bug with TrackBar (Options dialog) fixed
  • Small bug-fixes