«Personal Passworder» (музейный экспонат)


Программа «Personal Passworder» — это продвинутый менеджер паролей с надёжным шифрованием, который пришёл на смену простому «Парольщику».

Программа изначально задумывалась как коммерческая, поэтому поддерживала много языков, умела хранить данные в древовидной структуре и даже позволяла для разных типов данных хранить разную информацию: например, для программ можно было добавить поля с серийными номерами, для кредитных карт — со сроком окончания действия и т.д.

С апреля 2016 года программа стала бесплатной и теперь доступна на этом сайте.

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Скачать программу: ppsetup.exe

История версий

Версия от 24.02.2008 (3.9.8)

Более ранние обновления

Версия от 27.07.2007 (3.9.5)

  • Password generation can crash the program in very rare occasions
  • Program cannot be restored from tray if it was automatically minimized immediately after launching

Версия от 13.03.2007 (3.9.3)

  • Wrong toolbar button size set when button captions is on
  • Export in wrong file when path contained spaces
  • Previous copy didn't show up when launching second one

Версия от 29.12.2006 (3.9.2 Christmas Edition)

  • Registration key problem fixed (we hope)

Версия от 07.12.2006 (3.9.1 Christmas Edition)

  • Window restore bug fixed
  • Wrong working directory in shortcuts fixed

Версия от 22.11.2006 (3.9 Christmas Edition)

  • Windows Vista compatibility (including Flip3D support)
  • Drag & Drop support added to field buttons in main window and in Bar
  • XP-style skins are now supported in older Windows versions
  • Account file (*.pwder) now has its own nice icon
  • Miscellaneous errors fixed

Версия от 17.04.2006 (3.82)

  • German language file added
  • Option "Clear clipboard when exit" didn't work after File -> Exit command
  • Nodes were not expadned after search in some cases
  • Incorrect entry displayed after renaming entry via F2 key
  • Fields didn't cleared in some cases in modified groups
  • Save account file in wrong folder after using save/open dialogs

Версия от 01.12.2005 (3.8 Christmas Edition)

  • Some speed improvements at startup and terminating.
  • Portable version maker allows you to build custom version to launch from portable device
  • Export to and import from CSV format added
  • Option added to minimize when idle for some time
  • Now you can click right mouse button on your accound in start up dialog and program will find your account file in Explorer
  • Scroll bar added to notes field in main window
  • Folders state (expanded/collapsed) were not saved during sessions
  • Non-standard fonts issues fixed.
  • Password field in login screen was not cleared after incorrect password entering
  • Non-existing accounts are not removing anymore during start up

Версия от 18.08.2004 (3.73)

  • More small fixes.

Версия от неизвестно (3.72)

  • Small fixes.

Версия от неизвестно (3.71 Christmas Edition)

  • Some fixes in documentation. No program changes for now.

Версия от 30.06.2003 (3.71)

  • Search and Favourites tabs added in Manual
  • Attachment files error fixed (we hope)
  • Problem with large fonts in Startup Wizard fixed

Версия от неизвестно (3.7)

  • Dialog for attached files management
  • Option "Password generation for new record" added
  • Startup Wizard now can be re-sized
  • Password field will be cleaned when selecting another account
  • Now you can hide toolbar and status bar
  • Improved Excel export
  • Fixed problem with Read-Only files attribute
  • Fixed some small visual issues
  • Some small errors fixed

Версия от 02.06.2003 (3.61)

  • Some errors fixed

Версия от неизвестно (3.6)

  • Updated License Agreement
  • Finally fixed problem with restoring program from tray after minimizing it by keys Win+D or Win+M. Now double-click at tray icon restores program in any case.
  • "Stay on top" option moved to Service menu.
  • Some toolbar menu items were not translated
  • Some images were not updated after skin changing
  • Parameters in Find dialog were saved after "Cancel" click
  • Option "Highlight expired items" added
  • Color for expired records now can be changed
  • Uninstall feedback added (just one question)

Версия от 02.05.2003 (3.51)

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Site without http:// can now be launched

Версия от 16.04.2003 (3.5)

  • Program now became fully independent of installation. See manual "Portable usage" topic for details.
  • Registration key now stored into pwder.key file
  • Program became even more smaller and faster :)
  • Small improvements in Language select dialog
  • More errors fixed

Версия от 30.03.2003 (3.41)

  • Several errors fixed

Версия от 11.03.2003 (3.4)

  • Program became a bit smaller and faster
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Root folder is now always visible
  • Now you can select record and press F2 to rename it
  • Data were not saved after performing Move command
  • Main window position didn't saved in Win9x

Версия от 10.02.2003 (3.3)

  • New tool for showing passwords hidden by asterisks
  • Startup dialog became more easier and convenient
  • Fixed some export issues
  • Fixed some issues with large fonts
  • Help didn't work in tray menu

Версия от 27.12.2002 (3.21 Christmas Edition)

  • Now you can copy info into clipboard by using popup menu when click record in tree
  • It is possible now to use program without installing it on computer. Just copy few files (pp.exe, all .pskin files and Languages folder as well as your account).
  • To enforce Passworder to keep its data in current folder create empty file ppwder.ini in this folder. You can also copy this file from IniFile folder.

Версия от 25.11.2002 (3.2)

  • Export to XML
  • Ability to export Notes field
  • Custom symbols were always used for generation
  • Program didn't erase data when minimize to tray
  • Hot-key didn't restore program from tray

Версия от неизвестно (3.12)

  • Tree were not updated after performing Move operation
  • Records sometimes were marked as expired even if group didn't had Expiration Period at all
  • Offline Registration button didn't work
  • Path to Backup folder wasn't saved
  • Move command work incorrectly

Версия от неизвестно (3.11)

  • Significantly increased speed of tree-drawing
  • Stay On Top option were not saved
  • Groups bug (introduced in 3.1) were fixed

Версия от неизвестно (3.1)

  • First copy of Passworder will be activated when trying to launch second one
  • Options in dialog Generator not saved if dialog is closed by using button "Paste It!"
  • Problem with Import feature fixed
  • Records from deleted groups were not deleted
  • Error appears after re-installing program in different folder than first time
  • Trouble with trial version fixed
  • Incorrect work of Move function fixed

Версия от неизвестно (3.0)

  • Program was completely re-written. Many old bugs were fixed (and of course some new bugs were introduced :) There are so many changes, so we decided to describe here only the major of them
  • Treelike stucture: you can add folders and subfolders
  • Passworder database associated with program, so you can now just click .pps file in Explorer and it will be opened!
  • Records can have expiration date
  • Group editor became much more easy to understand and use
  • You can now store binary data in database (various key files and even small programs!)
  • Passwords can be generated by using mask
  • Enhanced Bar. In future versions we plan to integrate it into Internet Explorer in Deluxe edition
  • Completely re-written Excel export and import. You can now export and import all groups also
  • Completely re-written Print function. You can set up title for report, switch off notes, it is also possible not to print all groups
  • Find function now may search text in all groups
  • And much more!

Версия от неизвестно (2.6)

  • Ctrl+Enter hot-key added in main window: it copies content of selected field (i.e. password) and makes selected next field
  • Latvian language added
  • Colours of Main Window changed to more logical in Windows XP
  • Bugs with toolbar fixed
  • Clear On Exit option didn't work on Re-login
  • Password confirmation was not required during Creating new account if Show Password option was enabled
  • Show Clipboard option is now off by default
  • Program checks password before asking about deleting account
  • Backup Account When Login option sometimes didn't work
  • Error message fixed when launch program and no accounts exist

Версия от неизвестно (2.5)

  • New style of Login window. Since this version we plan to change almost all dialogs to make their usage more simply and convenient
  • Custom images on buttons added. You can select your favourite skin and even draw your own!
  • Height of Notes field is now changed during resizing
  • Width of Bar (Ctrl+B) can now be changed
  • Enter and Shift-Enter are now working in Bar
  • Show Passwords option is now actual for whole program, not personal for each window
  • Passwords from clipboard are no more shown in status bar if "Show passwords" mode is off
  • Several bugs fixed

Версия от неизвестно (2.2)

  • You can now replace glyphs in toolbar: just put toolbar.bmp in programs folder or rename toolbar-old.bmp into toolbar.bmp
  • Program can show clipboard content in status bar
  • You can check program updates in Help menu
  • Problem with big system fonts fixed
  • Size of Record Properties dialog can be changed now
  • Info is no more shown in main window while shut down
  • "Company" field in "Apps" group added for new accounts
  • Fields' names is now exported in Excel too

Версия от неизвестно (2.1d Christmas Edition)

  • Print and Export features available in trial version
  • "Show passwords (F5)" parameter is saved properly
  • All folders now saved properly
  • Lauguage files updated
  • Help file updated

Версия от неизвестно (2.1)

  • New icons!
  • When you backup or restore file program will check for extension
  • Problem with backup file to itself fixed
  • Auto Backup is now enabled by default
  • Editions bug fixed
  • Acknowledgements in About (just wait 5 seconds)
  • Program no more checks password if you decided not to create new account
  • Splash screen (use /nologo parameter to avoid it)
  • Hidden groups is now hide correctly
  • Delete paths from registry when uninstalling
  • You can now print 1 to 10 columns per page
  • Two digits only now show in Margins fields in Preferences
  • Problem with new accounts agglutinating fixed
  • Components states in dialogs is now saved properly
  • Pressing Enter in Bar is now equal to button click
  • "Help" button (and F1 key) presents in almost all dialogs
  • Now you can export all groups
  • Import is now available in standard edition
  • Fixed problem with repeat sequences in Generator
  • Program can be minimized after copying information

Версия от неизвестно (2.0c)

  • Quick Search field is now works properly
  • Program is no more close after double-click on record list
  • Bug with data folder fixed
  • Ukrainian, Spanish and Hungarian languages added
  • Print, import and export functions is now available in evaluation version

Версия от неизвестно (2.0a)

  • There is only one file now for Std & Pro version
  • Bahasa Malaysia language file added
  • Button in Bar is working now
  • Empty passwords are no more asked when restoring from tray

Версия от неизвестно (2.0)

  • Program was completely rewrited from the very beginning. There are VERY many changes, so there is no descriptions.
  • Program now ships in two editions: Standard and Professional.
  • Program is no more compatible with previous versions. :(

Версия от неизвестно (1.2)

  • Print support
  • Camera sound now could be switched off
  • Camera shutter sound is now stored in separate file (Camera.wav), you could replace it by your own
  • Program couldn't find accounts when launch with Windows
  • Program is no more clear clipboard every X minutes if "Minimize when idle" is checked
  • "Minimize when idle" is now disabled too when tray feature is disabled
  • Style of Preferences dialog changed
  • Backup and Restore function is now situated in one window
  • Hot key is now stored properly
  • "Notes" length is now limited (max 255 characters)
  • Program now could be launched in minimized state (/autorun)
  • Program could be minimized when starting with Windows
  • Merge function is now available for unregistered users too
  • Last used group is now saved when minimize program
  • Now you should make double click in tray to restore program
  • User manager window is now minimized in tray too
  • Acknowledgements in About dialog (just wait few seconds)
  • Now you can minimize program in tray instead of closing it
  • User Manager window is now correctly minimized when tray using is switched off
  • Now you can minimize program in tray instead of closing it
  • Acknowledgements in About dialog (just wait few seconds)
  • Registration dialog (not just site opened as before)
  • Program now closed correctly when it is minimized to tray and Windows is shutted down

Версия от неизвестно (1.1)

  • Quick Tour program
  • Merge function
  • Now you couldn't delete account without password
  • Style of About dialog changed
  • Icon improved
  • Program now ignore "extra-clicks" on tray-icon when password prompted
  • Main window is hiding now when Bar activated
  • Only one copy of program could be run at the moment
  • Program crashes when you add more fields in group
  • Program crashes when you add some "bad" number of records
  • Program could be minimized automatically when idling for several minutes
  • Added fields in group now have "Normal" kind by default
  • Tab key in Record Properties window pass focus not in right controls
  • Pointer of current record now set to right record after deleting or moving
  • Program now save last used groups for all accounts and last used account
  • Shortcuts from main window may be used after error "Wrong password" when restoring from tray
  • Password fields becomes active when you select account

Версия от неизвестно (1.0)

  • Initial release